Tourmalines come in every colour known ranging from violets to reds. Some of the most desirable variants of Tourmaline are Lagoon Tourmalines. Lagoon Tourmalines are indicolites or verdelites that have a colour hue that resembles the stunning green/blue tones of a tropical lagoon. Colors can range from open greens with a hint of blue to the almost Paraiba-like electric blue tones. What sets them apart from actual Paraiba tourmalines is the fact that they don’t owe their colour to Copper & Manganese but are almost always colored by Iron ions.



Tourmalines are a strongly pleochroic mineral which means that gemstones and crystals interact with light differently depending on the crystal-axis. This means Tourmalines can display vastly different colors depending on the angles they are viewed from.

The name “Tourmaline” is derived from the Sinhalese word “Toramalli” which roughly translates to “Mixed stones”.
Tourmalines can exhibit a wide range of optical effects such as:

- Chatoyancy
- Color change
- Pleochroism
- Multi-coloration
- Fluorescence (although this is rare!)