The garnet family is interesting for a multitude of reasons. They have been used by humans since the bronze age & Ancient Egyptians. Mostly as abrasives and when found in high quality even in jewellery. Even now we are still finding new varieties of garnet never before seen, such as the rare colour changing blue/red garnets from Bekily, Madagascar.



Garnets have the interesting ability to actually mix with different varieties of eachother to create new “hybrid garnets”. E.g. Pyrope-Almandine garnets are usually referred to as Rhodolite garnets and tend to be a rich Magenta in color.

Garnets belong to the cubic crystal system and tend to form into beautiful Rhombic Dodecahedral crystals.

Some garnets can display a color change effect, this is generally caused by two or more different garnet varieties being present in the crystal structure.