Spinels are stunning gemstones that have a very long and rich history without actually being known. Up until recently people thought spinels were corundums like rubies. This was due to their similarity in almost everything, from color to origin.



Spinels come in a range of color that practically spans the entire visible color spectrum. It was previously said that the only shade spinels are not found in was green. Several years ago miners have found small quantities of green spinels in remote regions of Brazil.

These gemstones differ to Corundum in several ways, namely their crystal structure. Spinels form in the cubic crystal system, whereas Corundums are Trigonal.

Cubic gemstones are singly refractive, which means that every ray of light that enters the gemstone continues in one direction. Corundums like sapphires & rubies are doubly refractive which means that every ray of light is broken up into two different rays, both traveling through the gemstone in different directions.