Belgium, a country known for its rich cultural heritage and contributions to the world of art and design, has produced a plethora of creative minds who have left an indelible mark on the global design landscape. One such luminary is Yann Dessauvages, a Belgian designer whose innovative and thought-provoking work has garnered international acclaim.

He entered the professional world by working in a secondhand store where he discovered the sculptural furniture styles of designers such as Armand Jonckers and Ado Chale. 

Yann was inspired by their ability to transform brass, copper, and semi-precious stones into glamorous and sophisticated objects. 

This motivated him to quit his job and develop his skills as a smith. He began experimenting with recycled tin for his initial furniture designs and later refined his technique by incorporating brass and gemstones. 

Despite lacking a formal education in art or design, Yann Dessauvages intuitively sculpts the materials available in his workshop to create his stunning furniture pieces. 

The unbiased imagination of the artist is evident in the reference to organic, planetary, and geological forms. Rather than merely a collection of tables, the tables form a cohesive oeuvre that blends both functionality and art, object and subject, as well as tradition and innovation.