First established in 2015 in a beautiful 1910 arts-and-crafts style house in downtown Tucson on the now infamous Granada Avenue. The name GRANADA is not just a nod to its unique story of origin, but also an homage to the world’s largest gem, mineral and fossil show, as well as everything it symbolizes in business as in life for the two founders.

Alison and Rüdiger first met in Tucson during the Gem Show in 2009. Their diverse backgrounds, similar interests and family ties to the world of natural history led them onto a path of passion and partnership, in life as in business. 

Striving to create a pinnacle platform for everything related to natural history and design, GRANADA has since stood synonymously for the highest quality and products reflecting all industries represented during The Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show - spanning geological rarities and collectibles, natural history objects, art decor and jewelry.


Decades of collecting and close ties to the trade have resulted in a diverse and comprehensive collection of fossils, meteorites, gemstones and minerals. Own excavation sites and an extensive network throughout the industry allows us to be at the source of all curated and offered objects.

This ensures the highest quality, provenance, full proof of authenticity and the upholding of environmentally responsible sourcing. Additionally, GRANADA employs specialists in the fields of mineralogy, gemology and paleontology and works side by side with scientists and museum curators.

We advise, supply and collaborate with collectors, auction houses, designers and museums around the world. Through special exhibitions and scientific projects we hope to promote higher knowledge and education, sparked by curiosity and wonder.GRANADA has also been a part of international events such as Art Basel Miami, TEFAF Maastricht or Design Hotel Arena in Copenhagen.


In 2019 we joined forces with close friend and renowned Belgian jewelry designer Jochen Leën.

Together we have steadily elevated the scope and reach of GRANADA, further expanding into the European market, branching out into top-tier hospitality, forging new partnerships, and establishing a homebase within the prestigious Hotel La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken, Belgium. From here we continue to develop and transform GRANADA, always striving to push the limits and pursue our wildest dreams!


GRANADA is located in 3 galleries:

Tucson (USA)
Hotel La Butte aux Bois (Lanaken - Belgium)
Hotel Botanic Sanctuary (Antwerp - Belgium)