Paraiba tourmaline is an exceedingly rare variety of mostly Elbaite tourmaline that contains Copper and Manganese ions in its crystal structure, These trace amounts of Copper and Manganese cause a beautiful diverse array of colors, ranging from intense magenta / violets to the famed Electric greens & blues that Paraiba is renowned for.



Approximately 99% of all Paraiba tourmalines have undergone heat treatment to improve the color to a more green/blue color. This is a commercially accepted treatment and it is expected that every Paraiba tourmaline has undergone heating unless specifically stated otherwise. This makes good quality unheated Paraiba tourmalines with desireable color unbelievably rare.

Most Paraiba tourmaline crystals only form in thin crystals that generally contain a lot of inclusions and color zoning. This is the reason why almost all faceted Paraiba tourmalines that have a high degree of clarity and homogenous color are under two carats.

Like all tourmalines, Paraiba tourmalines also have the capability to be being multi coloured. This can produce some stunning specimens with neon green, blue and vibrant purple!