The Murchison meteorite is the most studied meteorite to date and for good reason. This primordial meteorite is a carbonaceous Chondrite, meaning it carries within it Amino acids which are the building blocks for life.

What makes this meteorite so unbelievably valuable for the scientific community is the fact that it pre-dates our Sun by approximately 2.600.000.000 years! 

The general consensus at the moment is that meteorites like the Murchison meteorite seeded our solar system with everything it needed for life to eventually find a way. 


The Murchison meteorite is 7.2 BILLION years old and does not originate from our solar system!

Official name: Murchison
Classification: Carbonaceous Chondrite
Weight: 75.85gr
Age: 7.2 billion years old
Origin: Australia
Type: Stony meteorite