This exceptional right leg of a large Allosaurus was unearthed in the Morrison formation of Wyoming and has been expertly prepared and mounted. The bone quality and completeness is also noteworthy with only a small number of bones in the foot being cast, and a minor section of the Femur. This museum quality specimen stands over 2.1 meters tall and is mounted on a high-end custom base.



Allosaurus fragilis, with its formidable appearance and apex predator status, remains a captivating and pivotal figure in the narrative of Earth's ancient past.

Ongoing discoveries and research continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding this remarkable dinosaur, deepening our comprehension of its life, behaviour, and role in shaping the Late Jurassic ecosystems.

As paleontologists delve further into the fossil record, the saga of Allosaurus fragilis continues to enthral, painting a vivid picture of an ancient world teeming with awe-inspiring creatures.

Origin: Morrison Formation, Wyoming
Age: Jurassic Epoch, 150 Million years old
Category: Theropod dinosaurs
Species: Allosaurus Fragilis