Marylène Madou was established in Belgium early 2017, aptly named after the designer herself. Launching the brand with a successful collection of printed scarves, print still is the ultimate starting point in each collection. Every textile print is created in-house by the designer herself, exclusively using her own original paintings and digital illustrations. This is what makes a Marylène Madou print unique. 

Marylène graduated from LUCA School of Arts in 2015, with a Master’s Degree in Textile Design. In 2014, she won the international fashion contest ‘The Silhouette of The Future / 2039’, curated by the Fashion Museum of Hasselt, and given the opportunity to pursue an international internship in Los Angeles and London, learning all the ins and outs of textile print design.

Her current archive of prints and patterns was picked up by art book publisher Stockmans Art Books and published in 2021.

Brands worldwide have licensed Marylène Madou artwork and hired Marylène as an art director in setting up different types of printed collections, acknowledging her as one of the emerging designers of her generation.