Anne Vanaken, (born in 1988) is one of the leading Belgian designers specializing in custom made luxurious eyewear. With a vibrant passion for both Product Development and Optics & Optometry, Anne Vanaken has created a unique synergy that lends her designs an unmistakable harmony.

With an admirable track record built through years of experience in shaping eyewear for renowned Belgian eyewear brands, Anne has also collaborated with the prominent Haute-Joaillerie designer Jochen Leën. Her expertise extends far beyond conventional eyewear designs and includes the refinement of rare gemstones and unique jewelry creations, giving her work a truly distinctive character.

Anne Vanaken shares her vision on her work, emphasizing how her empathy and dedication enable her to understand the deepest desires of her clients and translate them into tangible designs. Her creative intuition is fueled by inspiration from various sources, including the rich world of fashion, the intricate structures of architecture, and even the nuances of someone’s lifestyle and behavior.

For Anne Vanaken, visualizing the perfect pair of glasses is not a challenge, even if it’s just a vague idea.

“My strength lies in sensing and translating the customer’s desires into a tangible design. Empathy and dedication give me an edge in visualizing the perfect pair of glasses, even before it’s on paper. My ability to empathize with the customer allows me to discover what he/she values, even before they realize it themselves.”

Anne’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that each face and character is unique, and that eyewear is not just a functional accessory but rather an extension of one’s personality. Embracing this belief, she transforms her designs into exclusive eyewear that not only accentuates aesthetics but also illuminates the inner being of the wearer.

This year she started her new business in eyewear as a "Haute-Oculence" eyewear designer, where bespoke luxury glasses are the center key. Each pair is custom made and handcrafted in Belgium.



Introducing the world’s first eyewear integrated with a 4.6 billion year old meteorite!

This bespoke frame was made for Haute-Joallierie designer Jochen Leen, where his fascination of space and passion for Niche gemstones are intertwined. A super lightweight frame constructed from aerospace grade aluminium and 18 top grade Diamonds, holding the 0,4mm thin plate of meteorite on it’s place. The Widmanstätten pattern and color makes this frame ‘infused with history, a true piece of art that transcends time.