TOMEK SADURSKI, explores the most primal, non-verbal human expressions: drawing and dance and the relation between them.
With his practice routed in drawing, he incorporates diverse media such as painting and textile work, live performance, immersive digital experiences, theatre and fashion.

He‘s work has been shown at the Institute of Modern Art Valencia – Robert Willson‘s CON-FINES with the art collective Andrea Crews; Fondation Antoine de Galbert Paris; a live drawing performance at Centre Pompidou: HORS PISTES, Tuiteratura – an interactive twitter installation for SESC São Paulo and at the HUB WEEK – arts, technology and innovation forum in Boston, where his live drawing experience INTRDR (intruder) was developed and performed in virtual reality inside of a geodesic dome for an audience of 27.

Tomek Sadurski developed and refined his practice in multiple chapters of his artistic journey living and producing work in Munich, Paris, Berlin, São Paulo, New York, Boston, Porto and LA. As a former dancer he reconnected with the dance practice in Los Angeles, exploring performative, contemporary and mindful techniques resulting in an extensive body of work, a group of paintings – FLOW, which has been shown only once a the Art Basel Miami 2018 at the SCOPE Art, repeating the success of the previous solo show there a year before – NAVIGATORS which as well sold out within 2 days.

The ACCORDING TO PHYSICS series has been started in LA and fully developed in Portugal in Porto during the global lockdown in a unique Edificio PARNASO a modernist dance theater,  that the artist turned into his studio.

Self-taught in drawing since an early age, Tomek Sadurski acquired his studies at the Academy of Art in Munich: Media Art and later by Stage & Costume Design, just right after graduating the Master School for Fashion & Design where he was awarded the German Tailors Guilt prize for his show GIAUR – showcased in Haus der Kunst staged at the BEAUTY NOW exhibition. Tomek Sadurski became a tutor at the AMD Academy for Fashion Design Munich & a lecturer of figurative drawing at the UDK University of Arts in Berlin.