Gary Staab is a renowned sculptor and designer specializing in creating highly detailed and scientifically accurate models of prehistoric and natural history subjects. He is the founder of Staab Studios, which produces natural history and prehistoric life sculptures for museums, publishing, and private collections globally​.

Staab's work spans a wide range of projects, including life-sized replicas of dinosaurs, mammoths, and ancient human figures. One of his notable works includes a detailed replica of Ötzi, the 5,300-year-old "Iceman," which involved extensive research, digital scanning, and meticulous sculpting to ensure accuracy​ (Smithsonian Magazine)​. His dedication to accuracy is exemplified by his practice of adding personal touches, such as using his own eyelashes to replicate Ötzi’s eyelash​ (Smithsonian Magazine)​.

Staab's background is in art and biology, which he combined into a unique degree at Hastings College. His career includes internships at prestigious institutions like the Smithsonian and the British Museum of Natural History, and he has worked on numerous high-profile projects for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science​ (KC STUDIO)​.

His work not only contributes to scientific education but also engages the public by bringing ancient creatures and historical figures to life in a visually compelling way. Staab’s studio continues to be a leader in the field of paleoart, creating pieces that are both scientifically valuable and artistically impressive​