2019 - In a captivating collaboration that melds artistry with innovation, Granada joined forces with renowned curator Dries Criel to bring forth a spectacular concept store named "The Vault" in the heart of Antwerp. Housed within the iconic walls of the former Cocodrillo shop.

The brainchild of Dries Criel, "The Vault" was more than just a store; it was a curated experience that sought to redefine luxury and elegance. As an esteemed curator with a keen eye for the extraordinary, Criel carefully selected a lineup of exceptional jewelers to feature in the store. Among the luminaries present were Jochen Leen, Bibi van der Velden, David Gotlib, and other trailblazers in the world of contemporary jewelry.

Granada, renowned for its rare and exquisite minerals, was invited to be a part of this prestigious event. The collaboration allowed Granada to unveil a mesmerizing collection that included the awe-inspiring Tarbosaurus skeleton, the enchanting Dwarf Woolly Mammoth, and an array of other beautiful minerals and fossils.

The booth at "The Vault" became a haven for aficionados of natural wonders, featuring exquisite clam shells, iridescent ammolites, a cast tarbosaurus skeleton, and a carefully curated selection of special minerals that showcased the beauty of Earth's geological history.